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Ivan Kenneth Flanscha (Badge #46) was born on February 13, 1968, in Oelwein, Iowa.  He spent his formative years in Vallejo, California where he developed his love of travel and discovered his love of music.  He played guitar and performed in rock bands while in high school.  In 1984 Ivan and his family moved to New Freedom, Pennsylvania, and he later graduated from Susquehannock High School where he met his first wife, Tina.  He then went on to graduate from York College of Pennsylvania where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Classical Guitar.  Ivan spent many years working at New Freedom Floors while also performing with his band Desperate Measures.  After his first child Sierra was born, he began his professional career with the York City Fire Department in 1999, and was selected as Fire Fighter of the Year in 2004.  Ivan had an incredible work ethic and was dependable and reliable to those who knew him.  He had an unforgettable presence, good looks, and a smile that lit up the room.  Ivan became the father to two more children, Savannah and Selina, and started a successful rental home business.  He met his second wife Casey, and his family grew with the addition of two stepchildren, Maya and Gavyn.  Through their world travels he instilled in his children a passion for learning and culture.  He loved historical architecture and enjoyed restoring homes in the City of York.

Ivan was just 50 years old when he passed away in the Line of Duty on Thursday, March 22, 2018, doing what he loved:  serving his community of York, Pennsylvania as a dedicated Professional Fire Fighter.

Photo courtesy of Brian Bastinelli

Zachary John Anthony (Badge #47) was born on December 15, 1988, in Kunkletown, Pennsylvania.  He was a graduate from Pleasant Valley High School, as well as the Florida State Fire College.  Zachary realized his dream of becoming a Professional Fire Fighter when he was hired by the York City Fire Department on August 9, 2010.  He spent a brief period within the Codes Enforcement division, but was eventually moved out on "shift" and assigned to Engine 99-1 on D Platoon.  He spent a substantial amount of time helping others in the community, including strangers, on and off shift.  He was admired for his relentless free-willed spirit and quirky sense of humor. Zachary particularly enjoyed the camaraderie he had built with his fellow fire fighters and truly considered them as "family".  He lived in York City with his wife Brooke, and their two dogs Magnum and Charlie, but would often visit his family and friends in Kunkletown during his time off.  He idolized John Wayne and all things "American", including his passion for the outdoors and his Harley Davidson.

Zachary was just 29 years old when he passed away in the Line of Duty on Thursday, March 22, 2018, fulfilling his passion, and serving his community as a dedicated Professional Fire Fighter.


Photo courtesy of Brian Bastinelli

York County Fallen Fire Fighters.  One of the unfortunate realities of serving the community as a Fire Fighter is the potential for injury or death.  The job is not for the faint of heart, and yet even when presented with the knowledge of these risks, many men and women still take the oath without hesitation.  There is an innate desire to want to serve and protect the community that seems impossible to ignore for these heroes.  They will often miss holidays with their families, their children's sporting events and school recitals.  They work weekends and evenings when most people are home relaxing with their families.  They  learn to cope with the death and destruction they see throughout the years.  Most will complete their careers, having served admirably, doing their best to suppress the bad memories, while recounting those positive moments when they may have saved a precious life or valuable property.  Selflessly serving the community is the true essence of a Fire Fighter.

There are those, however, who never got the chance to complete their careers on their terms.  Fate dealt them a hand that every Fire Fighter knows could be on every "next call".  These are the heroes who died in the Line of Duty (LODD).  They should never be forgotten, and the Fallen Fire Fighters of York County Scholarship is our way of making sure that these men and women are remembered by the community for their ultimate sacrifice.

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